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Can't install


New member
Jan 31, 2006
I tried several different ways to install PPC software but I can't install. The message came on " unable to retrieve the mobile device info" I followed instruction and everythings I did what instruction said. Is iPAQ1910 can not support the program? iPAQ1910 has use pocket2002 pro and enough memory.
can't install 2

Yes, use activesync3.8 and connected. but still not inthe PDA.
Can't install on a HP Jornada

I have been looking everywhere to find some way of installing it onto my Pocket PC. But, I keep on getting the "Not Compadiable with this device". any Help would be appreciated. I have change my active sync from 3.1 to 3.8 and even tried 4.1 No Joy on those attemps

I responded to your e-mail inquiry. Please check the requirements listings on our web site to see if your Pocket PC operating system is compatible. We do not yet support Windows Mobile 5 or ActiveSync 4. We expect to have support by the end of this month.