Can't sync APDL to LBP


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Feb 9, 2008
was able to sync my first trip. came back from a four day and i just can't get the info to load from my pda to lbp.

via pda wizard:

** Logbook Pro Sync Started 2/9/2008 3:20:44 PM **
Logbook Pro 1.10.26 Registered to Mark Stibbe
APDL Sync Engine: 1.4
APDL Device Registered to: Mark Stibbe
Palm HotSync Username: mstibbe
Palm Store: C:\Program Files\Palm\mstibb
Sync Legs BY LEG
AutoFill Enabled
Default A/C Type: ERJ-170
Sync Crew --> Do Not Sync
Sync Hotel --> Do Not Sync
Sync Trip # --> Do Not Sync
Sync Flight # --> Flight Number
Date Filter: New APDL Flights (Default)
Date Used: 1/21/2008
APDL Legacy Reports Bypassed
Data Purge: DELETE * FROM tblLog WHERE tblLog.LogDate > #1/21/2008# AND tblLog.RouteTo='APDL'
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200701.PDB-Skip it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200712.PDB-Skip it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200801.PDB-Use it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200802.PDB-Use it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200804.PDB-Skip it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200804.PDB-Skip it!
** Logbook Pro Sync Ended 2/9/2008 3:20:44 PM **
Log Closed - Sync Duration: 0 seconds.

tired a ton of things to get it to work. any help would be appreciated
Make sure your Palm Username is set correctly in the PDA Wizard and also HotSync is configured per the KB article below:

As a last resort, try the following, then HotSync again and run the PDA Wizard:

1) Open Windows Explorer
2) Go to C:\Program Files\palmOne\{Your Palm Username}\Backup
3) MOVE (not delete) all files out of this folder to another location, such as C:\Temp\Palm Files

HotSync and re-run the PDA Wizard.

If you continue to have a problem syncing please send us your PDASyncLog.txt file from C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro