Cheap upgrade solution


Sep 18, 2006
I would like to upgrade my Logbook Pro so I can enter my flights in my palm and just sync it once a week when I get home. I have been writing things in my little red crew book then typing in the PC when I get home, but I think it would be easier to use the Palm. My palms version is Microsoft Pocket PC Version 3.0.11171. The question is what would be the cheapest way to make this upgrade?

If you are an airline pilot and want the "red book" replacement which is our Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook solution (aka "APDL") you can order from this link. If you are not an airline pilot, you can use our Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion software, available from this link.

If you ARE an airline pilot and you only have the Standard Edition of Logbook Pro, to enable the airline pilot specific features in Logbook Pro requires the Professional Edition. You can upgrade a Standard Edition license from this link.

Don't get "Palm" and "Pocket PC" confused. You state you have a Palm when I think you mean "PDA." A "Palm" is a type of operating system such as "Palm OS" where you have "Pocket PC." I state that so you buy the correct edition as we support both "Palm OS" and "Pocket PC/Windows Mobile."