Cloud sync prices

Sep 1, 2008
Well last year (2011) the cloud sync cost $19.99. ... This year 2012 $29.99 for the same one year subscription. That's a whopping 50% increase in one year.

I hope this trend does not continue !
Hello Michael,

That was a different subscription - Cloud Sync Device Subscription. That subscription was for a single device, what we offer now "Cloud Sync for Apps" is the follow-on (rename) for Cloud Sync Universal which was $34.99. Cloud Sync for Apps is the only subscription you need for any and all devices. With your $29.99 subscription you can enjoy Logbook Pro on: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini, Android phones, Android tablets, Kindle Fire, and NOOK. No need to pay for apps for different platforms, this was is far more cost effective. All software updates are free as the apps are free. Here are a few articles about this.

Feb 2012 discussing the subscription changes - click here

Sept 2012 discussing why this system is more cost effective with the annual major operating system change to mobile devices - click here

Hopefully this clears up the changes for you.

Happy Holidays
Neal, when is the next sale? I need renew a subscription and possibly buy some logbook stuff.