Cover page not coming up


Aug 16, 2005

i am trying to print my logbook to fit in the mgoent leather binder, and it is not giving me the option to include the cover page anymore (either in the mgoent binder, or the jeppesen reports).

is there an option i need to check or uncheck?

thanks for you help!

Please use the split series reports. When you click the Combined tab, you'll see the option to insert a blank cover page. Please refer to the documentation and the Reports topic for more information.

thanks for the suggestion.

first, i would rather have the owner information shown on the first page, instead of a blank page (but hey, i can live with blank, if it need be. i just don't understand where the option went).
second, when i insert the blank page, the printer prints one blank page and then thesecond page printed (page 1) starts 4" from the margin and runs off the page. it looks correct on my printers print preview page.

i am using an hp psc 2355xi all-in-one.
by the way, i am using the split reports for mgoent and not even the modified template i will have to go to, once i get it to print generally ok.
page setup also shows up only intermittently. i'm not sure why, but once i add the blank startup page, page setup will no longer show up, when i click it in the file menu. it's not grayed out or anything. it just does not appear.

i do not have any popup blocker software on my computer.
The insert cover page you originally inquired about is for a different report series, not the Split Series reports. With the blank cover page, you can run that page back through the printer to put anything on it you want either using a graphics program or word processing program such as MS Word, etc. Be sure to use the swap margins if printing from the combined area. I do not recommend touching page setup / margins as they are preset to print properly. The issue you are experiencing is most likely by not doing the margin swap option which is recommended when using the combined area.

i tried swapping the margins, and the closest i can get misaligns the printed page on the back by 1/8', just enough for the holes to be a problem.

this happens for pages 3+. the first page printed after the blank cover page still starts 4' into the paper and runs off the paper. it's like it's trying to print on 8.5x14 or something. strange.

i tried swapping the margins back, and it setup the logbook backwards. it did; however, get the first page after the blank cover page to print normally. it's just setup for the wrong side of the logbook.
If you haven't touched the page setup / margins, it should line up fine, there should be no issues. Run the split series report and either print just lefts, just rights, or click the combined tab. When using the combined tab with a duplex printer, it is recommended to do the page margin swap and insert blank cover page. Always practice on draft/plain paper before using the MGOent paper.

neal. i swapped to an older printer (hp deskjet 812C), and it's printing fine. seems like the software with the newer hp printer is trying to do too much with the document's formatting.
i'll go with that route and dilly with the other one at a later date.
thanks for your help.
No cover page

Hi Neil,
I cannot get the cover page to print using the split series, Jeppesen custom template. I think it worked before, but now the cover page option window is not coming up. Any ideas?
Hello Donald,

Make sure you are using 1.10.18 which released today. Then when you are viewing the combined tab, make sure you click the toolbar button to insert a blank page, if duplex printing answer Yes to the question that pops up, then you should be able to print fine.
Thanks Neal, but I don't want to insert a blank page, I want to add the normal cover page, which, with duplex printing, will have page one on the backside. I can use a copier to create the same effect, but the shading in the logbook suffers.

Insert blank page is the effect you are after I believe. It causes a blank cover with page 1 on the opposite side. That is the only option in the Split-Report series. The feature you are probably alluding to is the dialog that appears asking about a cover page which is for the other report system, standard Jeppesen.