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Custom "Other Crewmember" Field


Sep 27, 2004
hi there-

i have a custom field called "Other Crewmember" where i can enter the other pilot that i happen to be paired with. like other fields in Logbook Pro, it memorizes names - which is handy.

unfortunately, it only memorizes about 30 names (starting with the "A"s), and doesn't allow anymore. is there a way to delete old memorized names, or increse the number it will remember? (i don't expect to be flying with someone i flew with 10 years ago again, for example).

hi neal-

your memory is better than mine! but, yes, now that you mention it i believe i asked you about it awhile back before i began using that field.

in my case, the names are being recalled in alphabetical order (eg "Alan") and include any name i've ever entered in that field. i appreciate any thoughts on this....


I'm going to take a look into this before 1.10 goes final. Your tracking number for this inquiry is LB1046. In the interim, please make a backup of your data file (File..Archive..Backup) and e-mail the BAK file to support@nc-software.com to test against.
thanks, neal-

i really appreciate you looking into this issue. i just emailed the file to you.

neal & co.-

that's great news! as you know, it's the "little things" that make a difference, and Logbook Pro is excelling in that regard. i look forward to the next release for this small fix.

your customer service response is impressive - keep up the good work. i will continue to recommend your logbook to other pilots i work with.