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Oct 22, 2002
Keep it up NC Software, Great program.
I'm new to the PDA field, I just bought a Palm m130 last week and managed to install and run the PDA companion with no problems at all.
I don't know if these options or suggestions has been addressed anywhere else but I find it lacking these features:

[[*]]The ability to choose the ident</font> from a drop down list
[/list] <ul>
[[*]]Same with the Route</font> field, or at least when the field entry spot is clicked it should call up the keyboard if it is not already displayed
[/list] <ul>
[[*]]Instead of having to click the Goto</font> dropdown menu on the top, there should be an arrow or a little symbol at the botom of every entry page to navigate back and forth between the pages.

Once again, thanks for the good work and keep it up.
Thanks for the great feedback!

The Palm isn't quite as capable as the PC version simply because your entire logbook is not available, which is what makes those features available on the PC side. Secondly, when you bring in this extra functionality, on the Palm, you WILL sacrifice speed with every added feature. A balance had to be found between speed and functionality.

As for the GoTo button, sure, it could have been done this way, but you know the delay in switching window to window? What if you wanted to jump from General to Custom Time, you'd have to move XX windows, vice with the drop-down selector, one shot you're there.

Keep up the great feedback! It is greatly appreciated.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I understand now, but one more thing that is related to both PC and PDA, I think I have read somewhere in the forum that this Route idea is going to be optional in V 2.0, How is LogBook Pro is going to recognize our current entries if we selected to have the From:To option? or is there a way you prefer us to enter the route data now so it would be standarized and recognized by the future versions? Like [org-dst] or [org/dst] or [org dst]

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