date field data entry...


New member
Sep 15, 2002
When starting a new line of data, date is usually the first thing. I now the calender option is there, but keyboard entry is much faster then having to mouse and click. It would be nice if the date field was not only auto-entered, as it is now. But also, pre-selected text, so that with a single stroke of another button, the old date would be replaced with the new one that is being entered.
Like in Quicken, you use that? The first field there is date also. It's auto entered, but with a single keystroke, deleted and replaced.
With LBP, you have to either manually select the data in the field, hit delete to until its all gone, or mouse to the calender.

This concept would be nice for other fields too, anything to make keyboard data entry faster. Take a look at Excel or quickens' little keyboard shortcuts. They save oodles of time.