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Feedback OOOI Field


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Aug 26, 2014

When one taps to add an OOOI time, it prefills with a random time. It would seem logical to prefill this time based on device time or Zulu time, depending on settings. Or better yet, just leave blank for rapid entry.

However, my main feedback is this. When adjusting the date on the OOOI, the highlighted text field disappears and you are now at the beginning of the text field that is prefilled. It is cumbersome to delete the prefilled time. A change to not prefilling or ensuring the text field remains highlighted would help with workflow and data entry.

Thank you

We're still working on a few issues with OOOI but if you turn Intervals Off in Settings > Flight Log it should do what you want.

Ok, Intervals explain the "random" start time, but doesn't correct the deselection of time when the date is modified. Screenshot_20160328-101847.pngScreenshot_20160328-101854.png

The OOOI behaves the way I would expect on the iOS stable and beta app, just slightly weird in the Android. I will look for changes in future releases.

Thanks again, and greatly looking forward to the APDL and Desktop updates coming in the future.