Duplex Printing


Jul 5, 2002

I'm using an HP 4 Plus laser printer. In every Microsoft program I use there is an option to print the odd or even pages, so that you can then take the stack out and print the other side. But I just got ready to print a test run in MGOent universal format and I notice there is not such an option for the printer. I think one-sided printing is going to take way too many pages (over two hundred). How do I get double sided printing?

Do a search in this forum on 'duplex' or 'fineprint'. There is a third party utility called FinePrint you can get from www.fineprint.com that may solve your needs. We don't support it, but you may find this to be the answer you are looking for.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Well, I can see why you wouldn't bother to support Fineprint. It's not at all easy to use and I had no luck with the demo software. It leaves blank pages and doesn't have an option to start printing on the second page, which of course you'd have to have so that the face-to-face pages match (page 2 being the first double sided page).
I really suggest you put a good print engine in the next release, one with options to print odd and even pages, etc. This seems to be the major achilles heel in the program. It's great for people that keep their logbook only on the computer. But for a nice Jeppesen print copy, so far as I've seen it's no deal.