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Aug 31, 2009
Also a bug from the previous market version. When I open up the app, it does not reflect that I have already blocked out. In fact, app always opens up in white "on duty" tab, regardless of actual status. If I select another tab, it appears to wake-up and color tabs appropriately.

Generally, I don't do it that way, but I never really paid much attention to WHAT I do. I do always switch to another app, generally the Jepps app. I think I sometimes hit the home button after use, and other times I double pump the home button and select the Jepps app. I never swipe it out of memory though.

Just now I opened APDL (it still showed white "on duty"), hit home button, opened Tapatalk, double tapped the home button & opened up APDL, and it still opened up to the white "on duty" tab. I should be off duty.

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Yes, that screenshot was taken in-flight I believe, with out/off times entered. Out was 0+28 prior.
I took a look at your data and everything seemed to work fine on my end. I entered an out time for your flight this morning and went to the status page and it showed blocked out as it should. Under your iOS settings for date and time do you have it set to automatic? If so which time zone is showing?
Date and time is not set to automatic, but Central time. I'm not sure why that would matter?

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Nope! Did not make a difference. Entered an OUT time, and even switching to another section (like calender or schedule) and then back to status board, it still comes up on a white "on duty" status.

Anything else I can do you help troubleshoot?
After changing your device to automatic time remove APDL from suspended by pressing the Home button below the screen twice and then slide APDL up and off the screen. Cold launch APDL and see how things go with the automatic time setting.
That didn't work either. I waited maybe 15 seconds after opening up APDL to see if it would register, but it still started on the white "on duty" tab, even though I am off duty. Diane seem to mange a difference. Any other ideas?

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Sorry, I have an iPad Air running 9.3.1. Unfortunately, that is my only Apple device. I'm more of an Android guy...


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This is a scenario we'll have to test but my hunch is iOS doesn't know when UTC is in this condition and even more so it could affect other areas such as sync if this is true. I would recommend leaving it in "Set Automatically" and after doing so remove APDL from suspended, power cycle your iPad while connected to the Internet, cold launch APDL and let it go like this for a week and see what happens. Again, this is unknown territory and I'm not sure of the ramifications of this situation. Kudos to Steve for figuring this out....we'll see if we can figure out the Status Board issue as it relates.
Ok. I'll give that a shot today and see what happens. Thanks!

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Didn't make any difference on the first leg today...

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Just touching base on this again. Still always comes up a status "on duty" for me. Any other ideas?

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