FAR Part 121 Line Checks


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Jan 19, 2004
Hi Neal:

As a 121 Proficiency Check Airman, I have two questions:

The first one I think I can deal with. Iconduct proficiency checks in a level D simulator. I record the date, FAA simulator number, time in the simulator, and pilot names. Although I'm not "flying" the simulator, I think I can justify the record in order to keep track of my proficiency checks (PC's). I also use the custom text fields to record "SATISFACTORY" or "UNSATISFACTORY". My question is does this sound like a good way to log these events? Or, can you think of another way so I am not artificially "padding" my simulator time.

Secondly, I conduct line checks, by sitting in the cockpit jumpseat, evaluating captains on a regularly scheduled flight. Since I am not "flying" the trip, I don't have a duration. And since the line check is conducted on line, I can't use the simulator column. The information I do have is date, a/c number, route, number of legs and pilot name for the remark. Again I would like to use the custom text field in order to record "SATISFACTORY" or "UNSATISFACTORY". I would like to use the custom counter field in lieu of duration or simulator since this is not considermy flight time. Is this possible or do you need a duration or simulator?

I love this program...


Dave Bear
Hi Dave,

Re: #1 - I cannot answer "how to log" questions as that is up to you to determine from FAR's and your local FSDO. You may want to post over at Flightinfo.com and see what other aviators can share with their experience.

Re: #2 - Logbook Pro requires the Duration or SIM to satisfy a "complete" flight entry, along with Date, Type, Ident, and Route. If you plan to make a logbook entry without Duration or Sim, you'll need to go into Options...Flight Log and clear the bottom most checkbox. You could also satisfy Route and Ident columns with "N/A" as an example, if you don't have information for these required columns.