Flight Training Field


New member
Jan 8, 2005
I purchase Logbook Pro the other week and have started to enter my logbook data from my first year of flying that included a lot of Flight Training. I've always logged FLIGHT TRAINING as a separate field within my paper logbook. Why does Logbook Pro not have a separate field to enter and track all Flight Training? Please let me know how Logbook Pro recommends we enter Flight Training hours.


Hi Pat,

Logbook Pro is built for flexibility to suit the needs of pilots across the globe. With that said, we can only provide the basics that suit all, but allow you the option to morph Logbook Pro into the Logbook you need. Take a look at Options...Custom and add custom columns to satisfy your individual requirements.

'Logbook Pro' aka NC Software cannot recommend methods for record keeping. That is up to the individual pilot to comply with appropriate regulations. We have to stick to the technical aspects for liability reasons.

Hope this helps!