FTD/Simulator time


Apr 20, 2004
I like how I can leave the Total duration blank so I can make sure my simulator time does not change my total time.

Is it possible to have another column that acts the same?

Maybe make a FTD column that lets me do the same? Say enter time into the FTD column while the sim/total remains blank and that doesn't cause an error?


You can do it, but I strongly recommend against it. To do this, go into the Options...Flight Log and then clear the FAR error checking checkbox AND the bottom most checkbox that enables the auto-purging of incomplete flight log entries.
Are you recommending against making a new column that doesn't count towards total duration?

Or are you recommending against just filing out the simulator column and leaving total duration blank?

I would suggest that a log entry should have at least a SIM or Duration entry. Logbook Pro does allow for great flexibility so you can make it into what you need, just experiment with the reports from time to time to make sure they are providing what you need. If you create entries that don't contain Duration or SIM data, it could throw some reports off such as the 8710.
FTD time???

In response to this thread I would also like to know how to simply apply FTD time without applying it to the duration column. You probably already know this but, I cannot count my FTD time towards my TOTAL time. FTD time is only used towards additional ratings or certificates and may not be counted towards TOTAL time when applying for an airline job.

Please help me understand what the duration column is... (is it TOTAL time? Like in my Green jeppesen hard log book?) and why it is required even when I input time under my user defined FTD field.

Can I force LBP to let me input time under my user created FTD column and not the duration column? It doesn't make sense. Thanks!

Also, what if an aircraft i fly, like the DA42 Twin Star can be both normal and utility category based on different weight configurations. Can I change the aircraft category under the options button?

Devin Hussey

Total and Duration mean the same thing.

If you do not want enter times in the SIM or DURATION column please go into OPTIONS...FLIGHT LOG and deslect the last check box that says "AUTO CLEAN ENTRIES NOT HAVING....." This will allow you to only enter time in your custom FTD column.

In regards to your DA42 time I have never seen a company ask for Util vs Normal aircraft time. If you do want to split the times up you will need to have two DA42 aircraft in your aircraft setup. One in the util category and one in the normal category. Just make sure to name one of the different so you know which one to pick in the drop down (e.g. DA42-util).