Ground School Time Logging

Jul 2, 2004
Dear Neal,

Is there a way to log ground school time that will not effect the flight times? I suppose that I could add a custom yes/no field for ground school time, then formulate reports which exclude all time with this field showing yes. Is there a more elegant solution? Would it be better to define a custom "time" field for "ground school" time? Will logbook accept entries with no duration but only ground school times? Thank you very much.

If your logbook entry doesn't contain a Duration or Flt Sim, you'll need to go into Options...Flight Log and clear the bottom most checkbox. You may also want to uncheck the FAR Error checking. You'll need to enter a Date, Type, Ident, and Route entry, I suggest using 'N/A' for those. Then you could use a custom time column to keep track of your ground school, etc.

Dear Neal,

What can I say about your most timely responses! I cannot thank you enough. I hope you and yours have a wonderfully happy and healthy holiday season. I've owned your product, Logbook Pro, for less than a week and I've already referred two people to you. I hope they purchase becuase I know the'll be as amazed as I am with your product and even more so with the level of customer service you provide. I am presently working toward my CFI certificate. When I earn it, rest assure that I will refer all of my students to you.

Be well.