Help I cannot find my files...


Mar 31, 2006
I have been putting my logs on this software for the last week. I have spend about 20 hours on it. the last time i opened the software i simply changed a couple of prefs and elected to not back the program at exit. Now when I open it says SCOTT_CLONE at the top... Where are my backup files?

I'm confused as you said you did NOT create backup files and you're asking where your backup files are? Clone's area created using the Professional Edition and the Sync Wizard. Did you use this to do something?

Logbook Pro data files end in .LBK if you want to search your computer. The default storage location is the Logbook Pro installation path, i.e. C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro unless you changed this at install time. Backups end in .BAK, but this is a common extension for backups, not unique to Logbook Pro.
Sorry for the confusion.... I fixed the problem. I simply restored the file. It was not showing up in the open box.

-yes i have been creating backup files... i back up every time i exit the program.

- I restored the latest .BAK file and it had my logs in it but some personal settings were changes.