How do I Input Multiple Flights?


New member
Nov 18, 2004
Once I input a flight, then tap the "save" icon on the lower left, how do I input another flight? After I tap the little picture of the disk, the arrow keys darken, but nothing happens when I tap them. Shouldn't the entry blocks empty ready for te next flight?

Shouldn't I be able to tap the "back" arrow and look at the previous flight?

What does the little page looking icon (lower left) that turns into a curved arrow do?

What am I doing wrong?

The Page looking icon is the NEW entry icon. Please refer to the documentation at as well as the tutorial videos for more information and assistance in learning Logbook Pro, if desired.

Well, that's the secret. Now I've got it working. However, your documentation at doesn't say one peep about about the new entry icon. I assume the curly arrow takes me back to the previous entry? Thanks again. I thnk I'll like this once I figure it out.