How to print a whole logbook for MGO type


New member
Oct 29, 2004
I have finally input all of my logbook data from the time I started flying in 1984 until present day. I purchased the MGOent Old World style logbook and the associated prepunched paper and want to print the whole logbook. I have tried several ways: clicking the swap margins, combined pages and several other iterations and can not get the pages lined up accordingly. Can you help?

There should be no need to adjust page setup settings, etc. You should be using the Split Series reports then the MGOent. specific versions. I suggest doing a test printout on non-MGOent paper first to ensure it will line up properly. You may want to experiment with printing lefts first then the rights, etc. You can also limit the print job by selecting page numbers to print instead of all of them while doing your print tests.