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import / sync.


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Feb 28, 2002
Hi Neal,

Since the PDA version is still under construction (and I won't ask until when) I am using MobileDB to keep my log. Since I don't just use new flights but my full log in there I have a question about importing.

My log comes out of my pda as a .CSV; I can import this but everytime I have to choose Replace all entries and then I have to assign every field. Is there a way that a certain file has those fiels assigned once for later syncronizing??? I always use the same layout and filenam (for example logbook.csv).

This way I won't get double entries in case I forget to choose replace and have add to my log and it saves me time defining fiel location.

Keep up the good work.

By the way, until a newer version comes out... is there not a small update possible to convert my entries from 1.33333 hours into 1:20


Neal Culiner

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Nov 14, 2001

We do have the enhancement logged for version 2 to save the import templates, we'll see what we can do. I understand totally your situation.

Yes, we are brewing a small update due to several report bugs reported, exporting and some structure issues. I hope to have it out very soon.

Neal Culiner
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Nov 21, 2001
Canton, Michigan, United States
/forums/emoticons/nuts.gif Figuring out how to import from Airline Pilot Daily Logbook took some work. I wanted LBP to compute the duration from the OUT and IN times. Those were in a text and military format when exported to the CSV file. Using ExcelXP, I applied the the function =TIME(INT(A1/100),MOD(A1,100),0) and added the date cell to it to yield the date/time number. Just because I give it these OUT and IN date/times didn't make LBP fill the duration cell. I had to have that already calculated in the CSV file. No problem. I had three options for the duration format, h+mm, h.m, or hh:mm.

Next, I needed to add the aircraft make and model to every leg of the CSV file as well as the number of legs (one).

Next, I to create day/night landing columns based on CSV legs info of either CA-PF-NIT or CA-PNF-DAY or CA-PNF-NIT or CA-PF-DAY.

Only one column of the CSV file contains the type of approach flown, so I have to scan the entire CSV file for the types of approaches and add columns for each and the number flown on each leg.

Finally, I include custom column information such as trip number, flight number and position flown.

I added all this with it in an EXCEL format. When finished, I save it as a CSV file and import it.

And that's what it takes for me to import from Airline Pilot's Daily Logbook to to Logbook Pro.