Imported Flights not Showing up in Logbook Pro


Feb 23, 2003
I just downloaded the update today ( and then imported last
month's schedule. When I go into Logbook Pro to view the flights line
by line, the imported flights do not show up, however the totals ARE
included in the totals on the bottom.

In other words, Logbook Pro shows that the last flight was on 23
November 2004. But then, under totals, it says that I flew 57.7 hours
in December. Why are the December legs not showing up on the logbook
page? I have tried closing Logbook Pro and re-opening it. I have
also tried refreshing the page. Neither of which work.


Hello Sarah,

I assume you are using APDL. Please contact Auman Software for support on sync'ing data to Logbook Pro.

I've been using APDL for over 2 years and have never had this problem before. I have contacted them and not heard back yet.
Nothing has changed in that would affect this issue. is primarily a FAR 121 improvement and a few bug fixes with an updated installer. If you want to send me your data file for review, create a backup (File..Archive..Backup) and I'll gladly see if the data is in there and not showing, but it most likely is an APDL import issue such as a required column of data missing.

I will send it when I get home this evening (I am at work and the logbook is on the home computer). Thanks.