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iPac 1940 and no Database transfer


Nov 12, 2003
Hi, I have an iPac 1940 and have been trying to use the Pocket PC companion for Logbook Pro. I have followed the steps in the help file and also in this forum. I have the latest copy of Booster and ActiveSync. When I try to import the database using Activesync the database is not transfered. I click OK and Activesync simply minimises and nothing happens. Any Ideas would be welcome.
  1. Is your Pocket PC Companion Licensed? It must be licensed to communicate with the PC version
  2. Are you using the latest ActiveSync (3.7.1) from Microsoft
  3. Confirm you are using Logbook Pro 1.9.4
  4. Ensure you followed the installation steps EXACTLY
  5. Make sure Pocket Access is checked

Ok, Just confirm that I will need to register the Pocket Companion to be able to transfer the database to the iPac.

Activesync 3.7.1
LogbookPro 1.9.4

I have just noticed that in ActiveSync when my iPaq is NOT connected the Checkbox for Pocket Access in Options is available and checked. If I connect the iPaq the checkbox disappears. Not only this but when I disconnect the iPaq the Checkbox is back but Unchecked. Has anyone else had this problem as the database file is simply not being copied at all. Hope someone can help.


Hai maxbraking,

I had exactly the same Problem with my Ipaq 1945 and the Pocket Access Icon in the Microsoft Active Sync Menu. I Solved the problem after days of work by deinstalling the software on my Ipaq and the Microsoft Actrive Synch on my computer, after the reinstall I never had the problem again. I must have done something wrong with the first installation of the Active Sync, but I still do not know why this problem has occured.