iPhone version of ADPL coming soon?


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Feb 4, 2007

In the newsletter, you said an iPhone version of the LBP PDA companion is coming soon, but you didn't mention ADPL. ADPL for iPhone is what all the part 121 pilots here want most. The LBP PDA companion is pretty much useless for 121 pilots. It's all about ADPL. Please tell me that's coming for iPhone as well.

I agree. I'm waiting for a compatible version for the Palm Pre. The 121 regulatory warnings and the contractual variable warnings are far more important than simple logbook functions. I can fill out my logbook when I am well rested. I can't say the same for checking my legalities after a long day and having a very short night ahead of me. The warnings are what has kept me as a customer for the last 8 years.

If you won't update APDL for the various new OS out there please let us know that too.
APDL for iPhone - no date available at this time. As it is a much larger project it most likely will come after Logbook Pro's next PC edition which is priority for development at this time.

Palm Pre (Palm WebOS) - will also come after Logbook Pro's next PC edition as this product uses a "Web OS" which we'll support with our mobile web solution that will be developed after Logbook Pro's next PC edition releases, hopefully near the end of this year.
Hi Neal, I am also interested in the APDL iPhone support. It's now the 4th qtr of 2010 and I can't find a thread that discusses the progress of LBP Desktop updates. What timeframe do you suppose the APDL for iPhone will come out? Has development been scheduled?

Hi Neal,

It has been awhile since the first thread regarding APDL for IPhone. Well now, with the release of IPAD 2, I am wondering what's up? If you guys are not planning APDL for IPhone/IPAD, perhaps you could integrate some of the features us Part 121 guys and gals like into the Logbook Pro for IPAD. I have used the Logbook Pro for IPAD app for the introductory month. I must say it is quite limited for our type of flying. I really miss my APDL features. I am reluctant to sign up for a subscription for LBP Ipad unless you toss us some kind of bone.
BUMP.......I'm also awaiting APDL for the iPhone/iPad!!!! Is there any more current news as to a release date?