Late month data not synching


New member
Jan 8, 2008
I was looking over my times this evening and noticed that for the last 3 months, my times after the 19th, 23rd, and 20th of the months did not sync from APDL to my Logbook Pro on my computer. I have tried several times to resync by choosing "after 6/20/07" but it still doesn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Please backup up your logbook before trying the suggestions below. You may backup by choosing FILE...ARCHIVE...BACKUP.

Please try making a change to the data on the days in question then click the "s" icon to save the data again. Now resync and you should be all set.

If you are using a Pocket PC make sure you have select options and exit before syncing. In the Pocket PC OS the X in the upper right of applications doesn't close the program. It just minimizes it.

If you still experience a problem please submit a support ticket.