LBP Icon


New member
Jan 29, 2006
I was searching for a picture this morning and ran across about 15 of the LBP Icons scattered through my pictures folders. There were no files associated with the icons and my computer locked up when I tried to click on the Icon. I deleted them with no apparent ill effects but I'm not sure how they got there. What's up with this?

As long as I have you, I'll ask another question. Is there a way to print just the signiture.jpg to a previously printed logbook page?

Hi Lance,

Were they .ico files or what extension did they have? I'm not sure what files they may been or how they got there, and as you mentioned, it's nothing to worry about.

As for printing the signature image on a previously printed page would require tinkering in a program such as MS Word or Adobe Photoshop, etc., to try and place the image so it prints in the right spot. Or, reprint the page by itself using the signature image. When you get the print dialog just set the print range accordingly.