Log book reports not showing custom catagories


Sep 20, 2006
I added Airplane SES, and SEL as well as a few others and the totals do not appear in my Jepp log reports. The catagories are there but not the times.

Any ideas?


What do you mean you added "Airplane SES and SEL"? These are columns that should not be added in the Options...Custom area, if that's what you did. Instead, you simply need to configure your A/C Types in the Options...Aircraft area and then the times will appear in the corresponding columns of the report.
I think the problem I am having stems from my carrying fwd totals from my paper logs. I created an "aircraft" called logbook 1 and added the totals on 1 line. I used the custom time fields to add the time columns I needed SES etc.
Is there an easy way to fix this?

My electronic log contains data from July 05 forward but Multi time and Jet time is only displayed from June 07 forward. Can I fix this without changing every entry?

I have been using the spreadsheet style log and most entriess were made syncing ADPL data.

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You are going to have to submit a support ticket and attach your most current backup file (FILE ARCHIVE BACKUP). Also, include a description of exactly what the issues is.

You may or may not have to modify each entry. But I cannot comment futher without seeing your logbook file.