Logbook Pro PDA Companion???


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Dec 7, 2005
I originally started with the ADPL for my palm pilot. But wanting to have a backup in my PC, I got Logbook Pro. So now I'm trying to sync with my palm , but its not letting me. Does me mean I have to spend more money and get the Logbook Pro Palm Companion too? The price list seems to be adding up.

No, the Logbook Pro Palm Companion is a separate product. APDL syncs with Logbook Pro via the free SingleSync software. Download SingleSync and configure per the documentation paying particular attention to checking the checkbox at the top of Wizard Page 3 and designating your Logbook Pro data file.
okay, I got the single sync now which makes sense, and now I've synced, but yet I do not have any information on my logbook pages in my logbook pro regarding my flights. what am I missing?
Please run "APDL SIngleSync" from Windows, Start, ALL Programs, APDL menu.

On page three you need to check "Sync Logbook Pro". You will also need to specify a Logbook Pro database by clicking on browse on the drop down list.

Click "Finish" and Hotsync.

In Logbook Pro, open the same logbook that you specified in APDL SingleSync. If Logbook Pro is already opened click on (F5) to refresh the display.

If you continue to have a problem please create a support ticket with two files (apdl_synclog.txt and conduit.txt) from your c:\program files\palm\[your palm user name]\apdl folder.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.