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Lost all secondary data!!!


New member
Aug 22, 2006
Thank God I am new to using LBP and APDL (pocketpc) or I would have lost a ton of stuff. I am getting this recurring message, usually after inputting new data:
APDL-PPC: Approach settings have been reset to default because APDL-APPS.xml was corrupt. I get the same message for all other data fields including airports, etc. Then I just got an unexpected error - APDL crashed.
This is very aggrivating, I spent alot of time setting this up with a month's schedule, and have lost all airport data, etc.

Can anyone help?
It sounds like something isn't working quite right on your Pocket PC or within ActiveSync if you're getting corrupt data. Are you by any chance entering data while it's in the cradle and connected via ActiveSync? You may want to make sure your sync settings are set per this KB article, i.e. where you do not have file synchronization set. When you're done using APDL go ahead and tap the Options...Exit menu to close down APDL to further prevent whatever corruption you may be experiencing. Lastly, make sure you have the latest version installed which is 6.0.5 as indicated in the Options...About dialog.
checked, but...

Checked ok with current version and file transfer was not set up.

I was using the "X" in the top corner to close the program and then reopened and closed with the "X" again when the problem arose. Do you have to exit using the menu for the program to work correctly?
The "X" on a Pocket PC is actually "minimize" not close. Odd that they use that I know. So when you use the "X" APDL is still running and something else that's running on your Pocket PC may be causing a conflict. It's best in your case to just close out APDL by using the Options...Exit and see if that resolves your problem.