We do expect our next version to run on MAC via 'Mono'.

Hi neal, my bold request then.... Linux?

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It was just a idea. As you see, the timing of when to ask might influence the course.

But, all jokes aside, I didn't expect it to be linux compatible. I'll settle for my JAR version and be very pleased with the regular stable software you have provided us with in the past. Excellent job,


Attitude is Everything!
But Remember, Attitudes are Contagious!
Is Yours worth Catching????
Yes count me in for the Mac version also. /Forums/emoticons/yeah.gif
I don't normally like topost "me too" responses, but I've spent the last several months trying to find a logbook program for OS X that is as good as Logbook Pro. I've found excatly nothing. QuickBooks and Logbook Pro are the only applications I run under Windows any more, so I would be very interested in being on the notification list for a Mac version, even a beta version.

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Yes Yes MAC I'll test it to /Forums/emoticons/smash.gif I have to run virtual PC on my MAC to log stuff, and if you ever used VPC you'll know it sucks you know what /Forums/emoticons/skull.gif /Forums/emoticons/nono.gif MAC please.. When is it comming out???????
am i seeing things???? you are making a MAC version?? Greeeaaattttttttttttt count me in for testing...........
When can we expect this??
Hey Neal,

you can count me in for beta testing on my mac as well ! Good News !

I know this request has come up time and again over the years. Are there any plans for Logbook Pro for Mac? A realistic and honest timelime would be truly appreciated.

I'm sure there are plenty of buyers out there for the Mac version.

Me too!

Add my name to the request for a MAC version. I would love to get away from having my logbook on a PC. I also volunteer for testing, if necessary. I have over 15 years of data in my database with many, many different categories of aircraft.
If it wasn't for Logbook Pro and Sabre CrewTrac I wouldn't be using a Windows PC at all. Mac version please!