Missing Text in Custum Text Column???


New member
Mar 2, 2005
I like to keep track of my flight numbers in a separate column so I created a custom text column. No problems until I try to get this to show up in my custom jep template. I renamed the "Glider" column "Flight Number" and had it redirect to the costum text data I previously created. When I generate the report there is no text in the column. Is this because the program will only recognize a time value in the "Category and Class" subheader columns or am I just doing somethinng incorrectly?

You should be able to declare the field source for columns which allow customization. I don't see why what you are doing wouldn't work. Please e-mail a backup of your data file (File..Archive..Backup) to support@nc-software.com with clear information as to which column you customized and the problem.

This is a confirmed bug after testing with your data file. If the value is all numeric, it doesn't show. Put a letter in from such as A123, it will then appear. This has been logged as a high-priority bug with reference number LB509 for tracking purposes. It will be corrected in the upcoming maintenance release.

Thank you for reporting this issue.