New Pricing


New member
Mar 3, 2009
Hi Neal, with the new pricing how will you handle those of us that are on extended terms? I'm on a 2 year term and paid considerably more than $99 a year. Since this is permanent pricing and not a sale are you planning on doing anything for those of us that were early adopters? Perhaps a term extension or a partial refund?
Hi Patrick,

Prices are subject to change without notice per our policies (secure shopping paragraph). New APDL pricing is for subscriptions/renewals effective April 6th and forward. We do appreciate your business and we've all done this, bought something to only find the price lower later, it's just the nature of business. Thank you for your understanding and we hope the new pricing will open APDL up to even more users. It's a great app and we want to see it in the hands of every airline pilot serving the airline and aviation community.