no automatic purging after syncing


May 31, 2004
I have just installed and after numerous uninstall and reinstalling the companion on my hp 4705 running 2003 SE, after murging the items from the pocket pc to the pc the automatic purging does not happen. Then after putting more info on the pocket pc the merge will not take place with the pc. I have even followed specific instructions from your site on removing the logbook from the pocket pc. Then followed the install wizard.

Do I need to manually purge - or how can I correct this problem?
I would manually purge the information to start with a clean slate. Also ensure your Pocket PC Companion registration code has been entered on the Pocket PC and under PDA Companions\Pocket PC Companion to allow sync/merge of data. Enter a few flights on the PPC then do an ActiveSync. The data should MOVE from your PPC to the PC.

Thank you for your help. However, after every synk and import to the pc from the ppc, I must do a manual purge. I would like to have the automatic purge feature because I tend to forget to do the manual purge. -- I have removed and installed logbook pro on the pc and the ppc once again, this didn't help. After the merge I get a screen different from the tutorial. My screen simply says, 'pda data has been merged with your pd data'. In the tutorial video it shows a different screen with a reminder to manualy purge the data. - Any help to get the automatic purge would be appreciated.
Yes Pocket Access is checked in ActiveSync, and I have entered registration code on both pc and ppc.
Try this please:

On the main screen of Logbook Pro on the Pocket PC, click the menu option to purge the data.

Go to the Certificates area on the PPC and enter a bogus certificate entry.

Synchronize ActiveSync

Merge the data into Logbook Pro

Go back to your PPC and see if the Certificate is listed or if no certificates are available on the PPC.


If the above case doesn't work, I'll note this for review. I'll have to test it and see why this functionality has changed and it may be a side effect of the automated ActiveSync configuration now.

Thanks for your time working this through.

I followed all of the instructions above and the Certicate remained on the PPC. Thanks for your help. Let me know if there are any further developments.
The sync after the merge got rid of the certificate on the ppc. I will try it with the flight log also.
After reviewing the code I see the PDA tables are purged after the merge. When performing the second synchronization in activesync it realizes the data on the PC (temp storage area) was purged, therefore purges the Pocket PC.

If you set ActiveSync to sync 'always' (I believe that's the setting) it should take care of this automatically.

The Palm doesn't operate this way due to the conduit functionality therefore a Purge is required after transfer to the PC.

Functionality is by design, you can either force the purge or ensure ActiveSync is syncing the post merge configuration back to the PPC.

Thanks again for your patience.

This has been very interesting. The certificat test will only merge from active sync if the options tab/schedule tab/desktop schedule, when connected to pc option on connection is selected. If manually or continously is selected the merge from ppc to pc will not happen.
That last post was poorly written. In active sync, if anything other than 'on connection' is selected in 'desktop schedule' the merge will not happen. The desktop schedule is located at Options/schedule within active sync. The options that do not merge are 'manually' or 'Continously' --- even with 'on Connection' selected, I had to do a second sync to purge the ppc.
This is by design. You'll either need to purge on the PPC or configure your ActiveSync under Schedule (When Connected to my PC: Continuously) or do a manual sync after merging the data into Logbook Pro.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but -- Even with active sync in continous as you mention, the data is not purged on the ppc after the merge.

Thanks for all the help.
Some more information might help. After I configured the active sync schedule setting to 'continous', the following happens. Data is entered on the ppc, data is then synced. On Logbook (on the pc) the data is imported. Except when I try to find the data on the pc it is not there. But, it is still on the ppc. Maybe, the data is being purged from the pc, after the merge, instead of the ppc after the merge.