Ok, I think I did a serious boo boo


Nov 15, 2001

I am in the process of trying out the Airlinelogbook thingie for Palm. Anyway, I imported it, but my entire logbook dissapeared. I did not back it up in hopes of salvaging it if possible. My LBK file is over 3,000KB so I am hoping it's still there, but the BAK file has been reduced to 400KB and something. Can you help me with this Neal?

Please tell me I didn't just lose 15 years of data. I have had this program for years and would hate to start over.


Hello Mike,

If you chose the option to REPACE instead of append, then yes, you erased your data. As you know, you were prompted with a warning when selecting this option. Your only hope is you were diligent about creating backups and can restore a recent backup. Another option is to see if there is a .OLD file in your Logbook Pro directory. This is a checkpoint file that is created when you upgrade to a new data structure version, so it may save you some time. If you do have a .OLD file, COPY it, then change the COPY name from .OLD to .BAK and restore it (File..Archive..Restore). You can also search your computer for a file named 'logbook.mdb' and if you do find it, ZIP compress it and e-mail support@nc-software.com the .ZIP file.

I hope others can learn from this. You must be very careful AND read the warning messages especially with the REPLACE option with the Import Wizard. The default is ALSO to create a backup prior to importing. If you did this, then Logbook Pro created a backup and you should be able to restore the .BAK file. If you ignored BOTH warnings (replace data and NOT to backup) then your only hope is in the options above.


Thanks for the speedy reply. I was able to restore the data from an old restore point that I had on a hard disk from last year.

Fortunatly, I won't have to start over, but nontheless, a very important message to everyone to make multiple backups of your data and keep them somewhere on a hard disk.

I was a little to click happy and that caused me to lose it. ' PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS BEFORE YOU PROCEED'.

Thanks again Neal.
Uh-oh, I think I just did the same thing! I picked up an extra trip at the end of March and was going to import the month again and thought the 'Replace Existing Data' would replace only the entries that I had previously imported. . .nope. It did away with the whole thing! And my backup was quite a while ago.

My own fault for not having the program backup after every exit. . . I lost quite a bit of data. Lesson learned! For some reason, the Airline Logbook import servce says not to backup before import (I'll ask why on their forum unless you know why, Neal?).

Bummer for me, but it'll give me a chance to go back though my handwritten data (about 4000 hours worth) and make sure it's all accurate.
Ouch, sorry to hear that! I'm not sure of any documentation related to 'Logbook Pro' about not backing up first, I'm pretty confident they are talking about only their palm logbook, maybe not to back that up prior to importing to Logbook Pro. Certainly convey the potential confusion to them so they can clarify this issue to prevent the confusion which may have a bad ending!

If you've done an upgrade recently, try changing the .OLD file in your Logbook Pro folder to .BAK and restore that and see how recent it is. It may just save the day! If you don't have a .OLD file, disregard.