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Jun 16, 2004
Here's an interesting poser.....

I often fly local flights for training and usually note the route including navaids, in particular if the training flight was for VOR, NDB, GPS, or other sorts of training involving such navaid points. So, for example, I may have an entry such as SUS-FTZ-SUS noted with only 1 leg for the flight. In RouteBrowser this flags FTZ as an unknown airport, which is true, as it is Foristell VOR. I tried entering the Lat-Long co-ordinates for FTZ to see if it would take it, but it doesn't seem to want to save the data. Any ideas? Will navaids be added to RouteBrowser sometime soon so true routes can be shown and not just airports stopped at?

Also... I have a number of old logbook entries going to an airport designated as MO50, which has since been re-assigned to a hospital heliport. I honestly don't recall what this airport name was (this was back in 1986 when I flew these), and it doesn't show up on any lookup functions provided in RouteBrowser. Any ideas on where such an old FAA ID could be looked up? Anyone ever been there that can remember what that airport was, and what it's Lat-Long should be?? I know it has to be in Missouri, just don't know where. There have been a number of airport closures in the state since then too, so it could be one of those, complicating such matters.

Thanks for the assist in advance!


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The ability to show routes with Navaids is a good idea, but it will take some thought since airports often share Navaid identifiers. As for the old airport, I don't know where to point you. You might take a look at the antique map sections at some of the aviation flea markets. Just a thought.

I appreciate your taking the suggestion under advisement. The shared navaid identifier problem shouldn't be too much of a factor, since flight routes would normally be logged as a route anyway. In other words, there wouldn't be a duplicate entry in there in all likelihood.

I managed to dig up a very old Sectional and Missouri State Aeronautical Chart that had the mystery answers. Turns out MO50 back then was for Wentzville, Missouri airport... which has since been closed (sadly). I did figure out how to enter the lat-long into the software. The format I was putting it in was the problem.

Might I also recommend a stencil approach for co-ordinates (i.e. dialog box with separate boxes for degrees, cardinal point, minutes and seconds. Either that, or provide a sample format in the entry dialog so it's more obvious to the end user?

Thanks again, Jeff!


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Bob, would you happen to show an airport identifier GOY or G0Y on that old Missouri sectional? I flew there in the 80's, and am trying to identify it. Thanks....