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Jun 17, 2005
Hi I tried your schedue import feature by selecting "use calendar" and liked it a lot however the times imported were in GMT. Is it possible to have the times imported in Outlook 2007 in my local timezone which is MST? I use GMT for my logbook but would prefer local time for Outlook as this is used for my family...
Can u b more specific. I have selected in options, preferences, setup, time zone settings, import schedules in local. My APDL logbook was imported with the schedule import featue in local but my Outlook is in GMT....Is there another option box that needs to be checked?


In your timezone preferences you have 3 settings.

Domicile: Timezone of your base.

Logbook: This is the timezone that our out and off times will be sent from APDL to Logbook Pro in. This is also the timezone that your flights get set to the calendar in.

Import Schedules in: Is used when using the schedule importer. This is what your company publishes your schedule in.


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My APDL is currently set to
Airport Domicile: US Eastern Time

Time Zone Settings:
Domicile: UTC-5 (US Eastern), adjust for DST

Logbook: UTC-5 (US Eastern), adjust for DST

Import Schedules in: Local

Daylight Savings is in Effect is UNCHECKED

The question is how do I set these "time switches" to
be based/domciled in US Central Time,
record/enter all times in Zulu time
and export to LBP in Zulu time?

Yankee Clipper
Domicile UTC-6 DST Check (bases you in the Central Timezone. DST is checked if it particpates in DST)

Logbook UTC DST UNCHECKED (sends time to Logbook Pro in ZULU)

Import Schedules in LOCAL

DST is in EFFECT should be CHECKED. This the only DST setting that needs to be changed 2x per year.

Airport Setups
Eastern Timezone UTC -5 DST CHECKED
Cental Timezone UTC-6 DST CHECKED
Mountain Timezone UTC -7 DST CHECKED
Pacific Timezone UTC -8 DST CHECKED

NOTE: The DST box should be checked for an airport if at anytime the airport participates in DST.

When on your logpage display the page in ZULU when entering times.
Thanks Eric for the info. I typically only import my sked monthly so I think I will try and set the Logbook option to UTC-6 when I import my sked. If I make sure to reset this option back to UTC (I like my logbook in UTC as I do all overseas flying and like my Outlook file in local) when I'm going to import my logbook from APDL to LBC can you foresee any problems? Or is there another way to achieve this?

Thanks again,