Palm Companion on Treo 650


New member
Mar 21, 2004
Just installed on my 650 and the green "back" icon on the top of screen is non-responsive to tapping.

Has anyone else experienced this yet?

Also, what is the procedure for syncing up the data between the 650 and PC?
I am unable to reproduce the 'back' icon as I can tap it fine here and it takes me back to the switchboard (main screen). As for sync'ing, if you have the PDA Companion licensed, and license code entered on both the PC (under PDA Companions\Palm Companion menu) and PDA, you simply hotsync it and it will sync the PDA data to the PC.

It is recommended to use the CrossFire client version of Palm Companion with the Treo 650's.

Could you please explainthe "Crossfire" software to make Logbook Pro compatible with the Treo 650? Thanks.