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Jun 22, 2006
I am having trouble setting up the pay categories. It seems it will add the correct flight time pay but not the per-diem. I dont know you if anyone has the correct settings for American Eagle. Also wondering how to set up the pay for airport stand by to receive the 8 hrs per-diem.

Is there anyway to see what you should make for the month rather then just per day?
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Make sure under your "General" preference page you have the same DOMICILE city selected as you are using on the main Logpage. They have to match (case-sensitive). If DEN is on the logpage then DEN should be on the preference page.

Then on the "Pay Rate" preference page :

Set "Calculate Taxable per-diem" to "Yes".

Then on the logpage you are doing airport standby. Enter the Duty On, Duty Off times. On leg 1, enter your DOMICILE twice (Dep, and Dest). This calculate the taxable per-diem.

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It is taxable when you do not stay overnight anywhere. But if you stay a night somewhere then all of the per-diem becomes non taxable. Atleast for us