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Mar 11, 2008
Couple questions:

1) I have created an OT (overtime) category. It pays 120%. How do I set this up exactly?

2) We have 3 different models of the same ac which pay differently. How do I set this up? Do I just specify the pay rate in the ac list for the specific tail #?

I am going to assume you are using the Pocket PC version.

The most fastest and most accurate way would be to create 6 pay categories and enter the pay rate for each a/c on the apply rate line. For the OT pay manually mulitply the pay rate by 1.20 and enter that result on the apply pay rate line.

Standard Pay

OT Pay
OK. I'm getting closer to understanding. My hang-up is this. (ooops, and 'yes' I am using the mobile pc version). I understand how I can create those different 'Payroll Categories' and set the exact rate. My confusion is why I would then enter a value in the 'Pay' box within each specific tail #. I have tried to leave the 'Pay' box blank in the Aircraft List for each tail #, and I receive an error. Also, the 'Pay' box in the Aircraft List only allows me to enter 76.8 instead of 76.84.

Enter a 0 in the amount when adding tail number. This should then allow you to enter an exact pay rate when setting up the payroll category. Not being able to a value xx.xx when entering the tail number is a known issue that we are working on and only exists on the PPC OS