PPC version of LBP freezes X30


Feb 18, 2005
Title says it all, nothing comes up (nor is LBP listed as running)and the system slows down to a crawl, tried reinstall to no avail

This is typically caused by an incorrect installation. First ensure you are not trying to sync with a "clone" from a Professional Edition Sync Wizard as clones cannot be sync'd to PDA's. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then don't worry, you're not using the clone feature. If you are, then this could be the cause of the problem.

The other typical issue is not selecting all of the correct items in the ActiveSync setup. So let's first get the software removed from the PPC and ActiveSync cleared, and then reinstall. Please follow these steps:
  1. Follow this procedure to uninstall the software
  2. Ensure you are using ActiveSync 3.8, if not, click File...Delete Partnership in ActiveSync, uninstall ActiveSync and install 3.8
  3. Click the Install option from Logbook Pro 1.9.8 under the PDA Companions\Pocket PC Companion menu
  4. Follow the installation procedure ensuring you enter the item as shown in the top of Figure 4 AND select ONLY the 9 items prefixed with "PDA" and four items prefixed with "tblPalm" - all others should not be checked
  5. You should now be able to run Logbook Pro on the PPC (evaluation or registered)

"Click the Install option from Logbook Pro 1.9.8 under...."

I don't have 1.9.8 nor did my purchase indicate that 1.9.8 was needed...
PPC still freezes my PDA... this is the 3rd complete reinstallation I have done, steps taken include:

- uninstallation of LBP on PDA via add/remove programs
- uninstalation of ActiveSync
- reinstallation of ActiveSync 3.8
- installation of LBP PPC edition via LBP desktops build-in installer into my storage card
- attempt to run LBP results in PDA freezing
- setup of data base as per instructions reults in the message "conversion failed: the system cannot find the path specified" after after going through the section entitled "Set Database Path, Select Tables for Importing" (NOTE: CORRECT PATHWAS WAS USED IN THIS STEP AS-PER INSTRUCTIONS, MY LBP INSTALLATIONDIRECTORY IS THE DEFAULT)


When configuring ActiveSync, did you enter the information as shown in the top of Figure 4:

\Program Files\Logbook Pro\Logbook.cdb

Also confirm you are not using a Professional Edition clone logbook data file and you did select ONLY the 9 PDA prefixed items and 4 tblPalm items?

When you removed Logbook Pro from your PPC did you go into File Explorer and delete the Logbook Pro folder under \Program Files?

also, I just noticed that I have no file entitled 'Logbook.CDB', only 'Logbook.CDB.mdb'.... same file?
No, that is not the correct file. I'm not sure how you caused that to get created, something was definitely not followed in the installation instructions. I suggest starting over by removing the software from the PPC including the deleting of the Logbook Pro folder then reinstall exactly as the instructions show.

I need to be more clear, on my DESKTOP I have no file anywhere entitled "Logbook.CDB", only "Logbook.CDB.mdb"...
Logbook.CDB gets created on the PPC during the ActiveSync process. If the CDB file is moved to the PC the PC will attempt to convert it to a mdb file. Again, not sure how that occured unless someone accessed files on the PDA via ActiveSync or Windows Explorer and attempted to manipulate/copy it to another location such as the PC.

I mentioned this earlier but, just to confirm, my installation of LBP PPC toa storage card should NOT be an issue..... correct? This is the only thing I can think of that could be a problem...
Unless I am missing it (I just spent the last 5 min looking for it) no where in the help/install file that pops up within LBP does it say that the default intallation directory must be used nor does it mention not to use a storage card... I suspected that this might have been the problem thus my mentioning it earlier on:

'- installation of LBP PPC edition via LBP desktops build-in installer into my storage card'

in addition, the installation gives me the option to put in on the storage card...

neway, works now.... thanks


I'm glad it worked out. Please reference the last sentence of the top paragraph in the PPC installation documentation.

Logbook Pro Documentation states...
The software must be installed to the default location (device's memory) and cannot be installed to, nor can the database be saved on, an external storage card.

I was going by the following version as supplied to me by LBP:

The Pocket PC Companion software is included in the Logbook Pro main installation, unless a custom installation path was taken and the Pocket PC Companion software removed from the install routine. The installation of the Pocket PC Companion is initialized from within Logbook Pro under the PDA Companions\Pocket PC Companion menu. Your Pocket PC must be connected to your PC via Microsoft ActiveSync PRIOR to initiating installation. The steps outlined below MUST be followed IN ORDER for a successful installation.

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    Ensure Pocket Access is checked (enabled) in the ActiveSync Options
Yep, there were document revisions/improvements in 1.9.8. There is a link on the lower left of the documentation pages to visit the online version which will always be the most up to date. It is recommended to always use the latest version of Logbook Pro for bug fixes, performance and feature enhancements. is in the works now with some more new and exciting things coming!