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Printing problems


Sep 10, 2007
This is driving me nuts. I am using 1.10.26, using split reports - premiere/old world binder. I have swapped margins, and not swapped. Changed all manner of settings on my printer. No matter what I do the print out is either too far up, or down. Horizontal alignment is fine.

I have never printed a split report before today, so the margins should be correct, but they aren't.

What are the correct margins?


I'm attaching a screen shot of the page setup (margins) which should be the default for the Premier/Old-World series in the split-report system. If you need to, you can click the settings icon on the report toolbar (note icon with a hand) and choose the reset option.


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Would those be the correct margins for the right and left pages? If so, something is wrong with the defaults, they are way off.

Edit: Confirmed the margins, the right page margins match the screen shot, the left page does not (vice versa with margins swaped). Both pages still print too high.

Edit2: Now I'm really confused, adjusting the margins didn't do anything at all. Lowered both top and bottom.
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It sounds like you may be using the wrong report for the pages/binder you have as we print quite a few turn-key jobs using the split-reports with default settings. To reset your settings manually follow the steps below:

-Click start...run and type in REGEDIT, press okay to get into the registry editor
-Expand Software
-Expand VB and VBA Program Settings
-Find any entries on the left with "Logbook Pro" in the text, right-click and delete each one
-Close the registry editor

Make sure you are using the correct report. If you have a 98-004 Full Size Desk/Carry model binder, you should be using Reports..Flight Log..Split-Reports..Jeppesen Style. Otherwise if you have a Premier or Old-World (98-001/98-002) then you would use Reports..Flight Log..Split-Reports..Premier/Old-World.
I have a Premier logbook, 98-001. The paper is labeled 98-PP-12(TAN).

I deleted the registry entries to no effect.

Here is a step by step of what I did just now.

Opened registry editor, deleted HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings

I deleted three entries that contained Logbook Pro, then closed the registry editor.

Opened LBP, opened my logbook file. Then I selected reports\split reports\Premiere & Old World Leather Binders\Old World & Premiere Leather Flight Log. I used the Last 30 days option to select dates.

Once this opened, I selected combined, then Insert Blank Start Page, then clicked "yes" when asked to swap margins.

I clicked the printer icon, opened the printer settings, selected "Fast Draft" (to save ink on test prints), and then Double Sided printing. Under double sided printing I chose to manually (the printer has automatic) flip the pages, and Preserve Layout. (Although, I have tried with this option off as well). Then I click ok, then print, and it STILL printing too high.

Unless the paper is mislabeled, I don't know what else I could be doing wrong.

Edit: I just tried printing through fineprint with the same results. I am going to try printing on my laptop at work to see what a different printer does.
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Just printed at work. Different computer, different printer. Same problem. How to I go about exchanging the paper?

I measured the paper margins, one margin is nearly 1 7/8 inches, the other is 1 1/16 of an inch.
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The problem is not the paper, you have the correct paper, for example, here are the measurements of paper I have in hand:

Left: 1-1/16
Right: 1
Top/Bottom: 1-1/2

Are you printing the LEFT, RIGHT, or COMBINED Tabs in the split report?

Something is wrong with either the options you're choosing to print or margins have been set incorrectly. Please submit a support ticket including a backup of your Logbook Pro data file and also do a PDF export of the report you are trying to print.