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Printing Solution (Workaround)


Jul 5, 2002
For those who have been trying to print their logbook in a Jeppesen format and don't have a duplex printer to do double-sided pages, here is a way around the problem (requires Adobe Acrobat to do it, though).
1. Create the logbook in the Jeppesen format.
2. Print it to Adobe Distiller.
3. Open the .pdf file and print page one.
4. Print page two through (end), odd pages.
5. Flip the pages over and stick them back in the tray and print pages two through (end) even pages.

You'll have to experiment, but this worked with an HP 4 Plus laser printer. I followed the above steps and put the whole batch back in the paper tray.

This will probably work with the MGOEnt forms too, wouldn't it Neal?