Question on printout differences


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Jun 13, 2004
southern cal.
Can anyone tell me what the difference is between printing out your logbook in 'MGOEnt mini leather flight log report' format, rather than printing it in 'Jeppesen Style Flight Log Report' format? When you build a report from both of these options it looks as if they are the same. I know that the MGOEnt logbook is a bit smaller than the standard logbook, but then wouldn't the entry's have to be smaller also?? I am just getting ready to purchase a logbook from MGOEnt and wanted to know if i should go with the full size one or the smaller one. Even when i print out the reports on a piece of paper they seem to be the same size?? Thanks for your help!!
Hello Randy,

There are slight differences in the column layout depending on the binder. The reports try to be as similar as possible to remain uniform, however they are sized specifically for the binder and the associated MGOent. paper that goes with the respective binder. As to which binder, the Full-Size Carry Model (#98-004) offers more flexibility and will hold more data due to the larger size. For those with a lot of flying history you may have to go to multiple binders faster with the smaller MGOent. binders versus the larger binder for the simple fact of more rows available on the larger size.


Actually, when i print the MGOEnt mini leather flight log report, i get 22 lines printed, and when i print the plain old Jeppesen style flight log report i only get 21 lines. How do you make it so that you get more lines? Both the reports seem pretty equal to me. Am i missing something? Thanks...
You can adjust line height in custom templates if you want more lines per page. As stated previously, they were designed to have them all match as closely as possible, but with the custom template reports you can further customize settings.