Quick question about legs


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Dec 11, 2002

Hopefully I'm not doing anything stupid/missing something here but:

In using the multiple legs feature is there no way to enter the flight times for each leg all covered by an 'overall' OUT/IN time. I understand I can set up a FROM/TO field and then use the route option to specify the route flow (which I also believe may be included in v2?).

For example if I did a days private flying touring round a few airfields stopping at one for a coffee, lunch etc. I would like to log the entire entry on one line. I assumed when I incremented the counter on the number of legs I would have to specify the flight time of each leg. Hopefully this makes sense, perhaps if I provide an example:

EGMH-EGMD (stop for approx 30mins)
EGMD-EGKA (stop for lunch)

I would assume I enter this all on one line with the FROM/TO both reading EGMH, the OUT/IN times being the start and end of the days flying and the route field reading EGMH-EGMD-EGKA-EGMH. However if I increment the legs field to read 3 how do I enter the flight times for each individual leg?

Once again apologies if this a trivial question (or if my explanation doesnt make sense!!), Im slowly entering all my old flying data and I would like to make sure its all correct so there are no anomalys later on!


In the current version, there is no way to specify separate leg times w/o making separate line entries. I am developing a system to handle this in version 2, we'll see if the alpha testers like it.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Thanks for the quick reply Neal!

I think I will probably use the single line entries for the moment, most of what I'm entering is historical stuff. Logbook Pro seems to be so flexible that I cant see a problem in going back and deleting the old multiple line entries and replacing them if this new method works in version 2.

Thanks again and keep up the good work - really looking forward to version 2 now!