registration fails


New member
Aug 22, 2006

I purchased the upgrade to professional edition tonight so I could run LBP on my laptop, as well as my home comp. Before I did this I had to reinstall LBP because it was crashing when I tried to make a new data file. After I reinstalled,I copied my .lbk file from my PC into the main directory on my laptop. I then bought the upgrade and tried the code, which failed saying invalid code. I the tried my code for standard edition, and it initially appeared to work except that it still shows as unregiatered.

Help please!
Hello Patrick,

In order to use an Upgrade code you must first have the base version licensed. So in your case to use a Standard to Professional Edition upgrade you need to first have your computer licensed with the Standard Edition. Make sure you have Administrative rights (not limited permissions) with your Windows logon and disable any security software that may block writing to the Windows Registry.

If you require any further assistance please submit a support ticket and include your name/unlock code pairs for both your Standard Edition license as well as your Standard to Professional Edition upgrade license.