Rounding Issue


New member
Dec 6, 2007
How do I change the rounding setting in Lob Book pro? My company produces CSV's and calculates block times to the tenths and hundreds place.

I'm asking about rounding settings because I'm have problems autoentering times by double clicking. For example: a CSV imported block time of 1.76 duration will auto enter 1.8 in the SIC column when I double click. After trying to exit the entry I get an error saying that the value if SIC cannot be greater than the diration value.


Thanks in Advance.

Logbook Pro is designed to operate in tenths, but it actually stores the value as entered which has helped some as in your situation. There is a problem as you found out where Logbook Pro is entering the "visible" value in the Duration vice the underlying data value. There's nothing that can be done to resolve this at this time, the data entered should be entered in the proper format which is tenths.

I have logged an enhancement request to see if this can be resolved in the next update. We are working on an update now that incorporates iPhone/iPad sync so you're in luck, if we can fix this we will get it in the next update for you.