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    We are giving a green light on iOS 17 for all of our iOS apps.

Service won't uninstall


Jun 24, 2005
I believe an old version of the Installshield/Logbook Pro update service isupm.exe won't uninstall. All I get is a blank small window because the service is trying to connect to the Internet. I have unistalled logbookpro and I can't get rid of this. It appears after a few minutes once logged in to the pc. I have to constanly manually kill the service. Any ideas?


We discontinued the InstallShield Update Service. I suggest installing our latest build as published in the 1.10 BETA forum below, it has a new update notification system and will remove the InstallShield Update Service during the installation process.
I installed the latest version and made sure the others were uninstalled. This phantom service still comes up. Any other ideas?
There are many other software products that use it, so it's hard to say which one it may be associated with. I believe you may be able to find removal instructions by searching the InstallShield web site. (www.macrovision.com)