Should I Wait Until Logbook 2009?


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Dec 8, 2007
Fort Thomas, KY
Hi, my name is Ryan. I am currently a furloughed first officer from Comair. I guess it is an excellent time to buy an electronic logbook and start converting 2500 hrs over! Do you know how many gigs of memory that would be? For some reason, I couldn't get my slow computer to open your newsletter- How much would it cost for you guys to convert 1800 hrs over for me?
I also saw that there will be a Logbook Pro 2009. Can I buy the current program now and upgrade for free?
Also, can you still purchase StyleTap for APDL on a jailbroken iPhone and will and have you heard that it works? The jailbreaking would be at my own disgretion, of course.........

Thanks for answering my detailed question! Ryan S. Opper

Thank you for your interest in Logbook Pro. 2500 hours wouldn't be that large of a file, it would be a few MB's at most. You can use our estimator to give you a round about figure for the data entry service by clicking here. It's based off of line entries not hours. Feel free to contact us for more details and a contract and we'll gladly get your job started. We have staff available to start your job upon receipt.

The next version of Logbook Pro is still in development and there is expected to be a small upgrade fee for version 1 customers. We don't have any details at this time but it is the first major upgrade of Logbook Pro, i.e. one that cost money to upgrade, in 11+ years. I don't have any details on the StyleTap product.
FWIW, 19,700+ hours and 8463 records yields 11,410 kb. The compressed backup is 2591 kb.

I started with another program in 1997 from scratch. Doing the log part-time took about eight months and I had about 5500 records when I was done.

Styletap does provide an interesting platform to increase the range the number of OS's that can run a Palm program. We have not done any testing in this area and modifing and Iphone is solely up to the end user.

It will be interesting to see what their response to StyleTap's request