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Smart Drop Downs and Opening Page Data


May 22, 2004
I'm a new user and after entering my 2100 hours from the paper logs I'm really impressed with how easy it is to get the info I need for the airline apps.

While entering that time I kept thinking how nice it would be to make the program more "smart" by using a drop down menu for tail numbers, have the program auto enter the aircraft type (I tried this and it didn't work). Also the program didn't always remember the last tail number for each type. Finally on this subject, a big help would be if the program were to fill in the end of what I'm typing for tail numbers and a/c types as it does for routes.

Another cool feature would be to have an optional start up window that displays the Currency information. This window would basically be the currency report but would optionally display each time the program is started.

Thanks for an already great product, very well worth the investment.