Sorry but I can't evaluate


May 13, 2006
This is the third time I try to evaluate this pda software, and the answer of the Companion on the PDA are allways the same: "Unable to locate Logbook Pro data from PC. Start then close Logbook Pro on your PC to send data to this device automatically".

Of course I start and close my 1.10.25 version of logbook Pro on the PC. Of course I have installed .Net Compact Framework 2.0.

I also try to run PDA Wizard to see if any file were ready to sync, but there are no possibilty due to absence of a license for the PDA Logboo Pro Companion, how can I evaluate without this licensed?

Windows XP SP2
Dell Axim 51v
WM5 (last ROM version updated)
.Net Compact Framework (CAB intalled on the PDA)
LogBook Pro 1.10.25 (correct working)
Activesync 4.2 (no problems to sync any other things)

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Uninstall "Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion" from your Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs area. This will also bring up the ActiveSync Add/Remove programs area, when you see that dialog, click "NC Software Logbook Pro" then click the Remove button.

On your Pocket PC, using File Explorer, delete these two folders:

/My Documents/Logbook Pro
/Program Files/Logbook Pro

(Of course, only delete the Logbook Pro sub-folder)

Download and install this file to your PC, make sure your Pocket PC is cradled and connected via ActiveSync:

After this is completed and you confirmed also that Logbook Pro for Windows 1.10.25 (or later) is on your PC and you also have the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed on your PC, start then close Logbook Pro, then launch Logbook Pro on the Pocket PC.

See this link to verify you have, or download if needed, the .NET Framework 1.1 for your PC:

Note: There is also a version 2 of the .NET Framework, Logbook Pro specifically uses the .NET Framework 1.1 version, however, we suggest installing both v1.1 and v2.0 as our future products will use v2 on the PC side.

Also see this KB articles for more assistance:
Sorry, but I still can't evaluate

First thanks for yuor support.
I did as exactly you direct me, and finally I receive the same message from de PDA.

I have Logbook 1.10.25 on PC
.Net Framework 1.1 and 2.0 on my PC
and I reinstall .Net Compact Framework 2.0 on my PDA
and also the Logbook Companion

Of course first I delete logbook files of my documents and the program files.

I have Norton Internet Security 2005 and I follow the instructions to open correctly the internet activity on this firewall, but I coul check that all was open and correct (remote port 26675).

I check that on the program files of my pda had a logbook folder and yes it has.

All other programs I use with my pda are running well, and I haven't problems with this activesync 4.2.

Sorry but I need more help.
When you check in /Program Files/Logbook Pro on your PPC, do you see a file "Logbook Pro.exe" (which you may only see as "Logbook Pro")? You can also view the files on your Pocket PC using Windows Explorer from your PC. Click on "Mobile Device" then expand "My Windows-Mobile Based Device" and then the Program Files and then the Logbook Pro folder.

If Logbook Pro on the PC cannot location "Logbook Pro.exe" on the PPC it will give you the error you are experiencing. There is most likely a communications problem between your PC and PPC or the program is possibly getting installed to a "programmes" folder instead of "programs" if your PPC is a international device.
Well, because I'm spanish...

... I haven't the folder Program Files/Logbook Pro created on my PDA, but I have the equivalent /Archivos de Programa/Logbook Pro, and yes into this folder I have a file named Logbook Pro.exe.

I think you have a bug, because I create a folder named /Program Files/Logbook Pro and copy "Logbook Pro.exe" from /Archivos de Programa/Logbook Pro and eureka, the companion work. Do you know that on other languages your soft can't work due to this question?