spreadsheet/analyzer question


Nov 12, 2003
Again, trying to balance out my entries now that I'm further down the raod again with hours....

In the spreadsheet, on one particular A/C is shows 3 flights totalling 6.5 hours. When I go to the analyzer, looking at the same aircraft it shows 4 flights and 7.9 hours. According to my paper logbook, the 6.5 should be correct???

Also, in the analyzer mode, or any other mode can you seperate out flights by tailnumber?

Thanks Again.

In the spreadsheet log are you seeing THREE 'entries' or THREE flights (i.e. the sum of the legs)? I am willing to be one of your entries has TWO legs, hence a total of four flights (aka Legs) in the Analyzer.

In the Analyzer, you can view Idents (tail numbers). Just click the + sign to the left of the Type on the left side of the screen.

You may want to take a look at the free videos and the extensive demo's of the Analyzer. Go to the Logbook Pro web site, click Tutorials, then Video Training (or directly from http://www.logbookpro.com/videos.aspx)


Well, it's showing 3 entries and I've been logging just by the days up to this point not legs. I'm just entering all the primary training which was mostly from the same airport.

I see that with the + sign, you can get the total for a particular tail number, but can it be broken down any further? It shows NXXXX 7.9. I'd like to view the 7.9 broken down by the hour and flight to find this discrepency.

I'll check out the video, thanks.
You can pivot the Analyzer fields around if that helps, but I don't know that it's going to help you. E-mail support@nc-software.com a backup of your data file and I'll take a look at it. Provide me the info to see what you are seeing.

I reviewed your data file:

1) I show four flights for the PA-28R-200 in both the Analyzer and the Spreadsheet style area. Click the column header for the Aircraft Make & Model and it will force a sort on that column. You'll then see your four entries totally 7.3 hours matching exactly that of the Analyzer

2) Your spreadsheet style layout was a little confusing to me, I couldn't find your Duration column, so I did a reset. You may want to try that too. On the spreadsheet style log area sub-toolbar (bottom one) far left icon (settings) click it then choose the RESET option on it. Open the spreadsheet style log again.