Startup problem, wants me to update software.


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Jul 21, 2003
Dear Support,

Whenever I startup the LGP program, it runs through the intial screen fine and then gives me a message saying I need to update the software. A screen shot is posted at the url below and is attached to this post.

When I click to update, the program closes and nothing happens. I can't get past that screen now to use the logbook.

Please help.

This could be one of three things:

1) The file you are trying to update is READ-ONLY
2) There are data drivers missing on your computer that Logbook Pro requires
3) The data file is corrupt

To solve #1: Right-click the file and choose Properties, make sure READ-ONLY is NOT checked

To solve #2: Go to and download/install MDAC 2.6 SP2 and JET4 (latest version)

Reboot and retry


E-mail your backup file (or winzip compressed .LBK file) and an updated data file will be immediately returned to you.

To solve #3: Use a prior backup, or e-mail your file (winzip compressed) to and we'll see if we can salvage your data.

Thanks for the quick reply Neil.

I downloaded the MDAC update and it didn't help. I also checked that all the files in the LBP folder are not read-only and neither are any of my data files. So I guess we're to step three. I emailed you the lbk file (zipped) and hope you can help.

I am not sure why this happened since I haven't run any LBP updates. Does LBP automatically download updates? Any info on how to prevent this again would be appreciated.